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     The People have many different ways to fight back against an out of control government, and ultimately, the People hold all of the power. The best way to exercise that power is to be an educated voter. The word educated is stressed here. Find out about candidates positions on the Constitution and how they view the concept of a limited federal government. If they have an attitude that the "Constitution doesn't matter" like democrat Phil Hare, then vote against them! If they are ignorant of what the Constitution says, then vote against them! You see, voting is the ultimate power. Being an educated voter is exercising that power in a responsible way. If we can elect politicians that respect the Constitution, then they will scrutinize the nominations for the supreme court in much the same manner.

     Becoming an educated voter in today's society is easier than ever. Just go online, and read the Constitution. You do not need a degree from Harvard or Yale to understand it. Much of it deals with the structure of the federal government, not real important to this discussion, but pay close attention to what is called the enumerated powers, the Bill of Rights, and the correct procedure for changing the Constitution. Unfortunately, our public educational system has seen fit to keep the masses un-educated about our Constitution. This total lack knowledge is reflected in the above referenced survey, and also in the reporting of such issues by our state run main stream media. State run? How so? Well it is controlled by the government by controlling access. Just look at how the White House has tried to block access by Fox News. So if a reporter wants access, he/she must be nice and not report anything embarrassing or controversial. Also if reporters do not know anything about a subject they are reporting on, they are unlikely to ask any enlightened questions.

     So this is the first and most powerful solution to an out of control government, become an educated voter, not about the issues of the day, but about the Constitution, the concept of limited federal power, and then exercise that power. Insist that the people you send to rule know the limits of the power you have entrusted them with. Educate your fellow man/woman. The public school system will not do it. You won't get it from watching the news or reading the newspaper. You must educate yourself and try to motivate others to do the same. Use this website, and all of the resources available to you on the web. You can go to town meetings where the discussion of public school curriculum is held and speak up about this issue. Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper.

     The next way we can encourage peaceful change is through the use of public embarrassment. This is one of the driving forces behind this web site. If the supreme court justices that rule in a way that clearly change the Constitution, feel embracement and ridicule when in public, they might get the message. These people most certainly do not deserve our respect. This can go a long way to change the course of future decisions. A perfect example of how this might work is how smokers are treated in the public discourse. The poison to freedom coming out of the mouths of some of the supreme court justices is just as bad, if not worse than cigarette smoke for your health. Let's make supreme court justices that think they are entitled to change our Constitution for political gain pariahs. They should and can be picketed just as left leaning organizations do to the bankers and wall street moguls. They should be viewed just as evil and shameful as any terrorists, as there is really no difference. They should be called out as the tyrants that they are on every front. View our Hall of Shame to see some of the worst.

     A third way to peaceably exercise the power of the People is to use the power of jury nullification. A good educational site on this issue is the Fully Informed Jury Association, or FIJA. It is a fact, no matter what any black robed terrorists might tell you, that you as a jurist have the right to judge the law itself, not just the defendant. This is one of the ways the People overruled the Dred Scott v. Sanford decision. Back then, the People were much more aware of their rights and used their power to judge the law, to judge the laws that allowed slavery, as an unjust laws, thereby acquitting people that the government was prosecuting for various offenses linked to helping free slaves. Eventually, the government will give up trying to prosecute the People. Again, this is an example of how the People hold the the final say. We should not be afraid to acquit People that we feel are being prosecuted with un-Constitutional laws. Black robed terrorists will try to intimidate you into believing you may not exercise this power but do not listen to them. They cannot do anything to you if you do use jury nullification. you may also be intimidated by prosecutors trying to tilt a jury through the selection process. Be honest, but if they don't ask. Most of the time if a prosecutor knows you might exercise your right to jury nullification, they will excuse you from the jury pool. If we all take the same attitude, then we deny them this stick to beat us with. Again, exercise your absolute right to use jury nullification to fight un-Constitutional laws.

     As the feds keep pushing for complete control of our lives, some state legislatures are stepping up and trying to protect their citizens. State nullification of un-Constitutional federal laws is another avenue of resistance. This concept has been around since the formation of our Union. If more state legislatures get populated with people that honor our Constitution, and take the limits of federal power seriously, then this concept might become common practice.

     We must wrestle control of the public educational system from the grasp of those that don't want the Constitution and the concept of limited federal power taught in our schools as is the case right now. Get involved in the process and try to get changes instituted that restore teaching these concepts. Talk to your children and find out what they are learning about the Constitution, and correct the indoctrinating attempt. If they are not being taught these concepts, teach them yourself. Your child's freedom, and very life depend on it. With all of the information available on the web, there is no excuse for a person not knowing what the Constitution says. Do not be intimidated, it is easy to understand!


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