Welcome. This website is intended to be an educational tool that can be used to awaken the People to their loss of liberty at the hands of an out of control federal government, and especially an out of control judicial branch, and how intentionally bad decisions that the supreme court has made, has enabled this tyranny. We also offer some peaceful solutions that we the People can use to regain our Constitutionally protected freedom. We want to stress the word peaceful here. We the People already hold all the power, we just have to use it. One tool is the Common Law Grand Jury.

     Our system of checks and balances has failed. We have a federal government that has become destructive to the ends for which it was created. That specific end was to protect freedom. We have politicians that think there is no limit to what the federal government can do, we have federal bureaucracies, defying court orders and public sentiment to enact power grabbing regulations in clear violation of the Constitution, and have a congress and executive branch that is more interested in getting rich with power and money and getting reelected than doing what is right for the People and generations to come. We have local law enforcement trampling our rights enabled by the federal judiciary. Lucky for us, we have the ultimate check on federal power right in our hands. That is the power of the People.

     There can be no denying that our Constitution was written to LIMIT federal power. All deliberations and discussions should be caged from this point of view. Remember, the federal government was a creation of the States, not the other way around. The supreme court is basically the head of the judicial branch of our government. One of their main tasks is to determine if laws passed by congress are Constitutional. They have been granted by our Constitution no special powers to change any of the words, letters, or punctuation of the Constitution. Simply put, they have no authority whatsoever to do anything to the Constitution. Things like inserting words, or changing capital letters to small letters, or changing the clear meaning of a word, or inventing language that just isn't there.

     The supreme court in the early days of our union stayed pretty much in line with their Constitutional duties. It wasn't until Teddy Roosevelt threatened to stack the court in the late 1930's that things really started to go downhill. They became a political body. Something never intended, and since then, politics seems to be the driving force behind most of their decisions. They have morphed from a body that protected freedom to one that seeks ways around the constraints of the Constitution to enable federal power. Even in this current decade we have supreme court rulings that decimate freedom and liberty. It boggles the mind that a so called educated person (supreme court justice) could come to such a conclusion. Because these ruling are so un-logical and contrary to the Constitution, it can only be assumed they were politically calculated, not Constitutionally weighed as required. This is an important distinction when you realize what the definition of a terrorists is. It is for this reason that most of this site will focus on a post 1930's time frame. We do however invite all contributions of like thinking individuals with historically important information to alert us, and thank you in advance for the knowledge.


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