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An educational website about how the Judicial Branch has enabled the federal government, its three letter army,  and local police, to terrorize We the People, and what the We the People can do about it.

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Why fear government? An estimated 262 million people have been murdered by their own government just in the last century alone!

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“The people---the people---are the rightful masters of both congresses, and courts---not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it.” Abraham Lincoln

     To be certain, the United States Constitution, as originally written, is mans best hope for the preservation freedom. It is without question that every word, phrase, letter, and punctuation of this Constitution, was very carefully evaluated by all who created it, before being put to paper. The idea that some people have, that it is "a living Constitution" is absurd. It is words on a piece of parchment, it does not grow cells, have a mind of its own, or procreate. Those who don't like the Constitutions limits on federal power, take this position so that they can then claim it has verbiage, that is just not in there. This is how those whose power is restrained by our Constitution try to get around its constraints. It happens with both democrats and republican appointees. In the rulings section of this site you will see how this mind set has been used by the supreme court to illegally change the Constitution and enable federal power to terrorize the People. You will see how the supreme court, because they made political instead of Constitutional rulings, has enabled this domestic terrorism to grow and flourish, perpetrated by three letter armies of armed federal bureaucrats, and law enforcement at all levels.

     One might say "aren't you being a little over the top with the language you are using here?" Our answer to them is absolutely not. Innocent people are killed and jailed every day in this country and then considered collateral damage in the absolutely un-Constitutional federal drug war. The Bill of Rights is under assault by local law enforcement, enabled by terrible supreme court rulings. The federal government is now  intruding in to so many areas it has no Constitutional authority, like education, or telling us how much water our toilets can use and what light bulbs we must use.  They have now even gone as far as trying to tell the People who they must do business with. We have politicians that openly show their contempt for the constraints placed on them by the Constitution. We have federal bureaucrats that say "even though the Constitution says we cannot do this, and the courts say we cannot do this, we are going to do it anyway!" We have a federal government that has already spent our children's and future generations economic freedom. We absolutely have a federal government that has become destructive to the ends for which it was created. We must take action if we are to remain a free people. This web site is but one simple way.

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